Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Facebook groups=not news worthy

Instead of ranting away to any unfortunate enough to be within earshot or annoy people via social networking or Internerd Forums or yell at the TV or think of something witty and incisive and then forget it when something else wonders into my sphere of being I'll just blog now; "stream of conciousness" stylee..

Haven't slept and I've got the news on and those fonts of knowledge on Sunrise are wanting people to email and txt in their responses to the questions about digital "vandalism" on Facebook..I've just Googled this site so I'll read it I guess:


Oh, seems they want people to "sign" some sort of online petition called "Face Up to Bullying" and they just had Nick Xenophon on Sunrise blagging off about having an "Internet Ombudsmen" for regulating online behaviour and "naming and shaming" people and other such blah blah that if you have even an inkling of how the Internet works is beyond simplistic and ridiculous to believe it'd be possible. It's not even worth discussing really-try to imagine how many posts, comments and other publicly viewable digital communications are made daily and how someone would possibly be able to regulate every single one if you don't get what I mean-so I'll just move on to spouting off about this Facebook disussion on mainstream media angle.

There's been a (personally) alarming increase in the last year or so by mostly television news outlets in referring to Facebook groups as adding weight to the relevance of certain events or issues; as if some Facebook user starting a "group" (which takes about 2 mins max) and several hundred or thousand people with varying levels of interest (from passing to deep seated) have joined this "group" by simply pushing a button proves some amazing point about the societal relevance of the issue or event at hand. This is just patently idiotic.

Pushing the belief that a Facebook group shows that a large number of real people passionately support some issue or feel deeply about something via a television news show assumes that the viewer is stupid enough to blindly believe it-which it could be disputed is what most TV news is about-rather than rationally juxtapose it against more relevant real life based groups that require far more effort to become members of or causes which it takes more effort to show support of and "call bullshit" on the TV news folks for mentioning a Facebook group in relation to the news item discussed. Facebook groups are, on the whole, completely pointless in relation to affecting any sort of real world change.

Rather than mentioning some of the pointless Facebook groups I'm a member of (like "SEAL CLUBBING WITH SEVERED PANDAS LIMBS") I'm going to go start a FB group called "Facebook groups are completely irrelevant" and see if I get many members..

Don't let them make you stupider

PS All Facebook groups have Administrators (and "officers' sometimes) who have the power to remove/regulate any and all posts made to a Facebook group and ban people who join from being members so if someone's trolling your Group's page and you don't remove them then you're the one responsible not "Facebook" (Sunrise have been referring to Facebook as an entity)..

Friday, August 7, 2009

Meme transmition

Wrote this last night...about midnight maybe...definitely before 3am...


"If it doesn't make sense then try reading it a lot faster or slower then go back to the original reading speed. If there's not an improvement on the original text then repeat process until boredom sets in."

/end transmission

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meme transmition

So I been neglecting this blog of course and now I've come to it all lopsided and full of "need to post something" vervour and no "cognitive funneling" functions apparently onhand.
So let's keep it brief and just say this is a "meme tranmition" and I been doing em for years-that's why I was originally "Mt cloudface" when I came up with this silly luserneame to begin with-sure it was because the other guys on the Newsgroup I was on were calling themselves "Dr. ****" and "St. *****" and no-one had taken "Mt" (mount) so I grabbed it so I could be punny with "munt cloudface" but also cuz on another level I was already into "memes" and figured that since any idea I put out thinking was my own original thought was probably said by someone else in a similar or different way and that I liked to repeat phrases, quotes, saying, stoires etc from others I figured anything I put out at all was just a "meme transmition" in some regard....So I usually refer to myself as a "meme transmitor" rather than an attempted writer/artist etc that also DJs and does reporting type stuff or just passes on info to people alot more than seems to be the "norm".

Hope that explains it...

Anyway tonight I've been using the term:

"media Mexican wave"

...not sure where I got it from...fairly sure I just invented it on the spot to explain one of the things I was trying to see may happen with a Facebook group I just started called "Get Beaton Off"...

Now it's recorded as me having used it...now we wait to see how it "bounces" ie bounces from one brain to the next via someone seeing it written then using it when communicating to someone else; eg if you see it and mention it to someone who mentions it to someone who works at a TV station and then it's used to decribe something on the news.

Not sure if that will happen with "media Mexican wave" I just found myself re-using it after the first use and not knowing where it was from.

If it's "from" somewhere please let me know.

That's all for now....think I'll start typing out some of the rants in my head on a barely functional laptop I bought for $2.50 from Reverse Garbage.

Stay shiny

Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick-as it's on TV-response to video clip on RAGE

Wrote this before when some Gawd-awful band was on the TV..

Escape the fate?
Looks like "didn't escape the gay gangbang"...
Srsly-getting Buck Cherry to cameo in your film clip...
I wonder if anyone at all is stupid enough to believe any of the girls in the film clip would even talk to the guys in the band..
Shit I think Buck Cherry's doing a friggin singing cameo too....oh this is just too awful to review...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weird blog intro I wrote 6th May 09-probably wasted

So I've been wanting to start this blog for a while now...well,let's just keep it vague and say "for a while".

One of my many eccentricities or foibiles or personally imposed mental hurdles aka "things I manage to bend myself over and fuck into non action with" basically of the last few years (or life) is getting things started.

I've also always had problems finishing things...it's this mutated version of existential angst that I'd probably not be able to explain properly or conciseley enough for you to bother reading right here; it's sort of one of those things that's better explained with slurred misquotes, a patchwork of different half remembered philosophy refererences and whatever substance or state of mind you'd most likely go "uuhhh...you mean....oh yeah man, I think I get ya....sorta..hey look something shiny".

Swerving back towards the point with this blog I'd really like to end up with something worth reading at some point; which makes the evil shadow things in me go "aaaah yes yes, must have a great start we must-it won't be good anyway of course butpeople's may look back or people's may not even start to look..yes better to stay in here with us and be all bitter and bloaty"...

I kinda just get stuck waiting for something between "a turning point" or maybe an epiphany and a grand entrance-chances are more bands formed on some coincidental rainy Tuesday than those that formed from the people that went to The Sex Pistols first gig but who cares about "Well...it was a whole bunch of little things really but I kept putting it off for ages and then it was raining one Tuesday when we were meant to be going out and there was nothing on TV so we started a band"...maybe it's some deeply imbeded religous societal subconcious undertone-can't think of a religion off hand that has a creation myth of "God was bored so he started making shit"...

I digress; I'm not apologising I'm just sorta warning you and at time of typing (in Word before uploading later) it's 1:24 am; I have the hiccups [for the fucking third time today which is kinda bizare since I can't remember the last time I had load of hiccups] and haven't slept since 8pm or whenever I woke up last night..over 27 or so hours awake anyway...

I'm also a version of an existentional writer so I don't edit myself back too much and kinda just see where the thing flows-I try and cut it up stick it back together more coherently when the train of thought completely derails but in the past it's been relayed back that something's that ended up like more like a multi-car pileup than a smooth ride was more intersting...I don't generally like to edit out things I write that later make me cringe or wince or emblazen a large neon sign flashing "MASSIVE COMBO DICKHEAD-DOUCHEBAG" above my forehead....sometimes I go back and add bits or check for split infinitives and grammar doofusry tho (I was just 4 paragraphs ahead and came back to ad this sentence..woah...maverick)

I'm typing this now cuz it's kinda an "out"-I don't really think anyone's gonna bother reading this far down so I can just tickity tap away at this and at least I've started the fucking thing and later I can go all rolled eyes and "oh I simply can't beleive I posted that OTI"...you'll enjoy reading my stuff a lot more (?) if you put in a funny voice or two every now and then...

"So why start this blog?" and "Why start it now then?"-I know you've been forcing yourself through all this rambling self-deprecating* preamble to get to the big reveal..

Why start?
Like I pre-rambled; there's no particular reason exactly that's pinpoint acurate.

I could relay the story about how I got handed a sample copy of an album called "Shoplifting" by a band called Straw from another DJ at a community radio station I was doing a show on back in 99 or so and how I thought it was amazing and got a fair few friends into it and gave them pirated copies and was sure the album was going to come out here and be a success and I was so happy I'd gotten in on these guys early...but no one in Australia really knows Straw and I haven't heard anything else much about them so it's not exactly an apt fit...

I could say the blog is just a straight inspiration from the character Dan Ashcroft in the most hillarious/excellant/on-the-money series Nathan Barley: where in the first episode Dan writes an article called "The Rise of the Idiots" for the mag he works for called SugarApe (that is a sorta parody of the IRL Vice mag); the article being about cultural idiocy and idiots in general becoming more and more accepted and encouraged and the series then displaying Dan's ongoing fits of "rage against the machine" or rather the stupifying nature of much of the mass mediaI...I mean that's all stuff I was kinda into before and have been into since but I first watched that series in 04 (and probably at least 20 times since) so it's not like it made me jump up, run to my window and shout "I'm not gonna take it anymore!"...plus there's a bunch of other fuckheads that've "gotten" names relating to Nathan Barely as there blog names and they've done nothing with it-or nothing more interesting than belly button lint anywho...plus you're most likely "Nathan Who?"...go to www.trashbat.co.ck

I could rattle off a whole fucking diatribe-probably several; probably an entire days worth of reading even-about Richard Kingsmill and how his decisions about what to add-and more importantly as far as my soapboxing normally goes, about what to leave out by adding something else instead-to the A and B playlists at Triple J.

I could with a bit of Googling, headscratching, checking of dates of personally downloaded sample copies, and sluething on the Tripple J site, and then some independant listening comparisions prove airtight that often times his choices on what to put on the radio and what not to can frankly only be categorised as "fucking retarded" or "pretiously out-of-touch and fucking retarded".

And let's not even start on Rosie "fucking times 8 idiot" Beaton-if you've listened to her for more than 10 minutes and not realised she's a fucking moron of epic proportions then..well..sorry you're either an idiot or you don't know any better....there's a whole long bit on comparing her to the halcyon days of Jane Gazo on JJJ but I'm getting sick of spewing it up...

The Tripple J thing is sort of one the main reasons really: what I'm trying to say is that there's a lot of music out there that I'm finding without a huge amount of effort that won't come out on Tripple J or Rage for a stupid amount of time or won't get much of a push at all...

It really really makes me either full of RAGE or get all failface when I find some new gem and maybe throw it into a DJ set and people kinda do that "I dunno what this is-won't dance to it" shit...it gets worse because then there's other stuff I won't play at all cuz I know about this "new things scare me, I won't dance" shit...

There really are too many examples to start listing them all but just from last time I DJ'd-weirdly just checked and it was 6th March and today's 6th May-I played the Kissy Sellout remix of Datarock's "Give it Up" and it only came on Rage TV last week-which made me so mad I couldn't watch the video clip since I played it to an empty dancefloor and I played Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads will roll" and that cleared the floor as well...and if you don't believe me I've got video footage of at least the bit where I'm blagging to Jordan about "This is the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's-these motherfucker's will pack the d/f for this in 10 weeks"...the week before last it was Tripple J's most requested song of the week....seriously if you've bothered to read this far mention it and I'll post it up-I've got one of those harddrive video cams so there's about 30 or 40 hours of shit I'm putting off making into a show of random shit...
On the "they're scared of unknown so don't play": I've been wanting to play Passionpit for a ridulous amount of time and in the last month or so Tripple J's refering to them as "it band of 09" or some shit-every man and his blog was banging on about them all last year. Another baffler is WHY THE FUCKING HELL anyone would add LaRoux to their playlist and get her into people's ears when as much mention as I've heard Little Boots get is a mention on the "English music news" short bit on Sunday nights about 8 months after I'd gotten a remix of "Stuck on repeat" (I looked it up cuz it hurt my brain trying to work out why the original had taken so long to get a short mention....and cuz I was shitting in the toilet listening to Tripple J so I kinda went "WTF! plooop!")..

3:30am just passed and the TVs distracting...wait I'll go try smoking something and see if I can wrap this up (like you wrap up dog shit with newspaper)...."smoking something" is an easy way to sound like you're cool BTW cuz it's so ambiguous...ie I just smoked a ham...

Okay so finally getting to the "Why start it now then?" bit from about "tl;dr" words ago and the wrap-up...

It's Dennis Leary's fault.

When I couldn't sleep in the very wee hours of yesterday (a few hours from 24 ago) I watched the Dennis Leary Live DVD...I'd seen "a bit" of Leary's work before-movies and bit pieces and of course "A.S.S.H.O.L.E" (apparently how you spell the song)...I think I did a kinda half giggle a few times but mostly just went, "Ok so he's kinda like Bill Hicks with the smoking, swearing and kinda acerbic rant-ness but without the articulate nature, quick-wit, philosophical nature or..humour even for the most part"....I'd also kinda somewhere along the way (in my teens?) assumed he was Timothy Leary's son-what with the drug use and him seemingly like he is the way he is becuase he was a the offspring of the Famous...he's not BTW...some things you just can't be arsed Googling I guess..

Being someone that can make funny faces and go into high volume self-important rants (some strain of bi-polar it seems just FYI) I couldn't believe Leary was actually getting people to turn up to see him basically smoke and yell and step all over his own jokes on stage...and that people thought he was good enough to film him doing this version of stand-up..and then that people thought this shit was good enough to put on a DVD and distribute...maybe it's (massive?) ego but I really didn't find it funny at all...it just made me go "Hey-this guy's famous for being a loudmouth smoking wanker...I'M A LOUDMOUTH! I SMOKE! I'M A WANKER THAT WANKS AND SMOKES AND HAS A LOUDMOUTH!!...I should try and do something....maybe get round to starting that blog at the very fucking least"....

See I've sorta just be vegitating for at least a month...and by that I mean the most productive things concerning my days and nights being have mainly been getting wasted, eating junkfood I'd usaully easily avoid too often, supporting my local Block Buster and growing my beard (and a pigstye and lacks hygene standards)....so when you spend the entre of Monday sleeping till 8pm (I think it was actually 10) then watch Leary and go "Shit at least if you're ranting other people might at least get a giggle out of you (as opposed to trying to pull entropy and atrophy over your head like comforting blankets to hide from the alarm clock of your life)"..

That'll do...it's just after 5am and I've left out a fair bit and probably (definitely) put a lot too much in that could've easily been left out but I'm also trying to write the posts in one-go mostly (ironically so I'll be able to type faster and more concisely)...it really is becoming difficult to remain coherent..or type...

wow...a lot of words came out...I think most of them will need a Spell Check...


*(yes I meant to type that-that's what I say to try and be clever/funny)